Specialist Vet and Emergency Care for your Pet

Advanced Vetcare is a group of specialist veterinary clinics and animal emergency hospitals. Our practice is privately owned and operated by vets that work each day within the clinic. We are located in Kensington, Kew and Geelong,  so pets across Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and all surrounding suburbs and regions of Victoria are helped by our specialist and emergency services.

Advanced Vetcare Kensington
t. 90920400
24hrs 7 days per week

Advanced Vetcare Kew
t. 90203555
Specialist Surgery, Oncology and Medicine*
9am-6pm Monday & Tuesday. *Medicine services available on Wednesday.

Geelong Animal Emergency
t. 52222139
Emergency Consults: 5pm-12am each weekday + 7am-12am on weekends
Specialist Surgery Monday, Thursday and Friday