Updated COVID Information – current from May 27th 2021

Arrival Instructions:

  1. Upon arrival, call reception on 9092-0400 from your car.
  2. If you are a new client, our reception will collect all required information from you during this phone call.
  3. Please wait in your car until you receive an SMS informing you our vets are ready to see you. 
  4. You will be asked to bring your pet inside and settle them into one of our consult rooms. Please remove the leash and collar. You will then be asked to return to your car.
  5. One of our vets will examine your pet and then call you to listen to your history and come-up with a treatment plan for your pet. If you pet needs further treatment, we will email a consent form and you can consent via SMS.

Collection of Pets from Advanced Vetcare:

  1. Upon arrival, call our reception on 9092-0400.
  2. Our reception will arrange phone payment via credit card or internet bank transfer. No cash payments accepted.
  3. We will email all invoices/receipts and discharge information
  4. We will buzz you in to collect your pet. Please have your leash and collar ready.

Thank you for your cooperation in combating the spread of COVID-19 within our community.