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Facebook and Instagram feeds now available.

Our facebook and Instagram feeds are now being displayed on our website. We would love you to follow our social media and get a closer look at the day-to-day happenings of our busy referral practice. Facebook Instagram  

New Veterinary Oncology Service at Advanced Vetcare

Advanced Vetcare now has a Specialist Veterinary Oncology service headed by Laura Brockley. Laura completes our multi-disciplinary approach to effective cancer treatment in animals. Our advanced imaging capabilities with ultrasound and CT combined with a specialist medicine and surgery service, along with 24hr emergency and critical care allow for complete cancer care for your pets. … Continued

Pericardial Effusions in Dogs by Clint Yudelman

Pericardial effusion is a common problem in older dogs. The problem arises from accumulation of fluid within the pericardial sac, a membrane surrounding the heart. The accumulation of fluid compresses the heart and prevents the heart from beating normally. As a consequence, right sided heart failure occurs which manifests as fluid build up around the … Continued

Nasal Aspergillosis in Dogs by Amanda Ciavarella

Fungal nasal disease in the dog can be caused by a fungus known as Aspergillus fumigatus. The fungus likes to live in moist warm environments like in soil. It is in the same family of fungus that is responsible for causing common black bathroom mould. In some dogs, it can set up an infection in … Continued

Hind Limb Paralysis

Hind limb paralysis can be due to disc rupture, tick or snake bite, a vascular clot, tumour, trauma or an autoimmune process. Acute onset of paralysis requires urgent veterinary attention to give your pet the best chance at recovery. Acute rupture of the spinal disc is a common cause of paralysis in dogs. Small stature … Continued

Pulmonic Stenosis in Dogs

Recently, our medicine department was presented with a young Yorkshire Terrier called Shelley with severe congenital heart disease. The pulmonic valve that controls the flow of blood to the lungs from the heart was severely deformed. Left untreated, the survival time would be less than 12 months.   Traditionally, pulmonic stenosis was treated by a … Continued

Hip dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia, despite years of screening and selection pressure, is still a significant issue in dogs. Recently we had a lovely young Border Collie called Millie in with bilateral hip dysplasia. Radiographs confirmed that both hip joints had laxity, therefore a diagnosis of juvenile hip dysplasia was confirmed. The surgical treatment options for juvenile hip … Continued

Cruciate Rupture in Dogs

Cruciate ligament injury is the most common cause of hind leg lameness in mature dogs. It is more common in larger breeds with tall, straight-legged conformation.   Cruciate rupture in dogs is different to the syndrome seen in humans, although the anatomy is remarkably similar. In humans, injury is often the result of an extreme … Continued

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new Website. We hope you enjoy the fresh new look, ease of navigation, clear contact details and access to directions should you need our specialist or emergency veterinary services. A huge thank you to Greta from Advanced Vetcare and the all the crew at Swim Communications for the hard work to get … Continued