Specialist care for your pet’s critical organ systems

Just like humans, your pets are susceptible to heart and kidney disease, diabetes, Cushing’s Disease and a range of common cancers. Our team at Advanced Vetcare are experts in treating these difficult disorders in animals.

Cancer care

Our cancer care is centred on combining treatments that improve your pet’s survival and chances of an excellent quality of life. If you have any concerns about your pet then we recommend you seek an opinion from your usual veterinarian.


Advanced Vetcare’s specialist vets have years of experience recognising and treating congenital and acquired heart conditions in pets. We perform ECG, blood pressure checks, echocardiography, pacemaker implantation and Holter monitoring and will help manage your pet’s condition with a combination of medical and interventional therapies.

Endocrinology (diseases of the hormonal glands)

If your pet drinks excessively or is gaining weight, they may have diabetes, Cushing’s or Addison’s disease or a thyroid condition. To sustain a good quality of life, we treat your pet’s endocrine ill health with long-term, proven strategies.


Gastrointestinal disorders cause pain, reduce nutrient absorption and can have recurring side effects. Advanced Vetcare can diagnose and treat such disorders that include cancer, foreign objects, inflammatory disease and infection. We utilise the best available endoscopy techniques to be as minimally invasive as possible.

Respiratory diseases

Respiratory disease is a serious condition because it makes activity distressing or impossible for your pet. We routinely treat the symptoms of disease like heat stress, laryngeal paralysis, obstructive syndromes, tumours, allergies and asthma.

Kidney health

Good kidney function is critical to good health. A range of conditions can affect the health of your pet’s kidneys. Our team have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and provide the best known treatments for kidney disorders of dogs and cats.
If you have any concerns about your pet then we recommend you seek an opinion from your usual veterinarian. We work closely with your vet, and if a referral is required we will do everything we can in a caring and empathetic manner, to return your pet to a good quality of life.


Neurological conditions tend to be very complex and often require advanced imaging and significant clinical experience to diagnose and treat effectively.  Advanced Vetcare routinely treats GME, brain tumours, disc disease and degenerative conditions of the peripheral nervous system.