Our surgeons are the experts for your pet’s illness or injury

Advanced Vetcare’s specialist surgeons perform orthopaedic, soft tissue, cancer and neurosurgery to help return your pet to being the happy and healthy pet you know and love.


Limping, reluctance to walk or pain may mean something isn’t right with your dog’s bones and joints. Advanced Vetcare commonly diagnoses and repairs cruciate rupture, patella luxation, hip and elbow dysplasia, fractures, joint fusions and dislocations.


Our cancer care is centred on combining treatments that not only improve your pet’s survival but also their chances of a comfortable ongoing great quality of life. If you notice lumps, weight loss or abnormal symptoms in your pet, seek advice from your veterinarian. Your local vet can refer you and your pet for our specialist care in more serious cases of cancer.


Limb weakness, seizures or cognitive decline can indicate problems in your pet’s nervous system. Advanced Vetcare is able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your pet if they’re experiencing difficulties, including disc rupture or spinal fracture. We have an onsite, 16-slice CT scan and excellent access to one of the most advanced MRI scanners available.


Our skilled surgeons frequently perform large mass removals, respiratory and chest surgery, heart surgery, liver surgery and intestinal surgery. As technology advances, many of these surgeries can be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

If you have any concerns about your pet, seek an opinion from your usual veterinarian. We work closely with your vet, and if a referral is required we will do everything we can in a caring and empathetic manner, to return your pet to a good quality of life.